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Web Development DIY or Hire Someone

Do It Yourself Web Development


It saves you money. One good thing about web development and you are the one doing it is that you are going to save hundreds to thousands of dollars. The money you saved can be used to fund another project or business that you want to venture in.

The progress of the project depends on you. Since you are the one doing the project, the progress and when it will be done all depends on you. So, no need of asking for updates, bombarding your web developer with emails as to when the website will be done, etc.


The output does not look the way you want it to be. Let’s face it, when it is DIY web development, there is a higher possibility that the end result is not as good as an expert would do it. Sometimes, it does not even coincide with what you have envisioned.

It takes more time to finish. In DIY web development, it would be only you doing the project. Therefore, you will be spending more hours in a day, week and even months to finish your website. The time can be cut in half if an expert would do it.

Hire Someone


It saves you off the load of developing a website. Time is very important especially when it comes to business. Therefore, if you put the burden of developing a site to a pro, you are giving yourself a favor. Now, you can use your time to more productive things like managing your business.

The output is more or less 99.99% accurate to what you have envisioned it to be. The fact that you are hiring someone to develop a website for you, there is a higher percentage that what you have envisioned will be put to action. Why? It is because the developer would always want the customer to get satisfied by services rendered or else he will lose the opportunity of earning more customers in the future.


It costs you money. This will cost you more money than you expected especially when you are going to have a website developed like an e-commerce, social networking, and other complicated websites. Be prepared for it.

Updates are difficult to get. There are some instances that it would be difficult for you to reach to a developer. Getting updates will be not as easy as you think.

The Final Verdict

The choice depends on you. It is your preference, whether to enhance your skills and improve what you got, later on put it into action or you want to save your precious time instead hire someone to do the job for you, it all boils down to what you really need and want.

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