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Using Facebook Applications in Social Media Marketing

Facebook is everywhere these days, and every week it seems like a new feature is being added. From the Facebook like button to a variety of different apps, there is something for everyone, and there is definitely something for the business that wants to get into social media marketing. Facebook applications give Facebook added functionality, as they mean you can more easily connect different social media sites together. Linking Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare to Facebook allows users to bring all their different social media posts to one central place, and allows businesses to more easily connect with their current and potential clientele. The purpose of social media is to network, and for business this power is valuable. Looking into how Facebook apps can help you expand your business is key to working with Internet marketing on a serious level, and harnessing this power can help you to get your name out there.

What Social Media Sites to Use

There are a variety of different social media websites on the Internet, but the most commonly used are Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest and, of course, Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest have a very visual basis as both involve images and a sort of timeline, poster board format. When people use Instagram they take photos and post them to the site, allowing those that follow them to view them and be updated throughout the day. Pinterest allows people to share images of things they like, whether these are functional or aesthetically pleasing, which can create a community of liking and sharing. Connecting both Instagram and Pinterest to Facebook can allow other Facebook users to see what an individual is doing and to get ideas of their own about home dcor, cooking, and clothing etc., and many people look to Pinterest as an online mood or pin board, using the site to get ideas about weddings and other pivotal life events. Foursquare allows users to check into businesses and places across the country and can be connected to Facebook so Facebook friends can know what their friends are doing.

However, the most important thing about Foursquare and businesses is that having people be able to check in at your company and leave hints can quickly spread the word about your business’ existence and offered services. Many people discover new companies through Foursquare and other social media sites, simply because someone decided to share. Many businesses use Twitter as a way to quickly update customers with news and other brief information, and connecting this to Facebook makes twitter updates look like Facebook updates. In fact, as all of these sites can be connected to Facebook you can have a social media presence across the Internet as well as compacted in the same place.

Connecting it All to One Place

Facebook applications provide an easy way to get all your social media information gathered into one place, and each of the social media sites mentioned above has an application to connect to Facebook. When using Facebook apps you have to allow Facebook and the social media site to have access to mutual information, so that Facebook can fetch the update and post it to your wall on your behalf. Once this is all set up it makes updates really easy, and as a business you could be constantly updating your page in a few simply steps. Keeping your Facebook account well maintained and update is key to creating a rapport with customers, and can really help you to expand your business.

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