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Top buzz words in SMM for 2013

There have been a few words that have been buzzing around for quite some time. For the love of Social Media Marketing, I chose to compile a list of the top five buzzwords that you would often get to hear (and put to use) in 2013.

1. Digital native

What does it mean to be a digital native? Well, it’s pretty much simple: this is what we call someone who has literally grown up with digital technologies—using it and interacting through it. I call them the Facebook generation! Very naturally, this lot lives a major chunk of their lives—online, and seem to the major reasons why companies are spending way too much in social media marketing!

2. Social communication

Er, isn’t all our communication social?!? In today’s era of digitalization, well, not really! What we exactly mean here is communicating via social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or typically through blogging and online communities.

3. Inbound marketing

Now this type of marketing knows nothing traditional, really! It literally and completely refrains itself from marketing tactics like advertisement, direct calls and cold emails. What it does bring into practice is an indirect approach of letting customers find you. Yes, that’s right! And this happens through search (SEO), email marketing and content marketing (explained right below!).

4. Content marketing

When non-promotional material meets blogs, micro-blogs, e-books and news stories, the result we get is content marketing. Of course, the content should be related to your industry, but it should not blatantly talk about you, your company, a particular product or a specific service.

So if you a mobile Application development company, simply writing about one of your recent achievements is not cool! You should rather write something like: “Top 10 gaming Apps you have ignored till now!” Link this with your website and post on relevant blogs and article submission sites. Carefully observe your traffic grow.

5. Engage

Engagement is directly proportional to communication—socially! So when you communicate directly with someone via Facebook posts, content sharing, commenting and reviewing, you are inching closer to your ultimate goal: engaging with a person to convert him into real time customer.

There are a whole lot of social media tools that have been specially designated to find out the effect of your social media campaigns and marketing efforts. This in turn helps to adjust campaigns to favor engagement of right prospects.

There we go! Five top buzzwords in social media marketing that are literally ‘topping the charts’ (Talk about music!). While I am sure you must have already come across them, or maybe the concepts are relatively new to you. Whatever the case, I hope you be able to put them to use—socially, every day.

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