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Marketing your Blog the Right Way

Did you know that marketing your blog is almost (almost…) just as important as what you write? Perhaps you are a great writer with fantastic ideas, but because you don’t market your blog, you still haven’t gained a strong following. If readers don’t know your blog even exists, there is not much of a point to writing your posts if you are trying to engage an audience. Learning how to effectively market your blog will drive traffic to your site, and if what you have to say strikes a chord with your audience, you’ll gain a following of admirers.

1. Social media works

One of the best ways to promote your blog known to social media marketers is through the use of social media platforms. What better way to introduce new posts to the world than by sharing it with your 600+ friends on Facebook or on Twitter? Such platforms are a compelling means to drive traffic because of links and pictures that are easy to follow and attention-grabbing. Such links are short and can serve as a cliff-hanger that leaves your readers wanting to know more, inviting them to read on. With the use of the Share button, your friends can take your post that they thought was hilarious, inspiring, interesting…etc., and share it with their 600+ friends. Talk about sharing the love!

2. Post regularly and follow other blogs

Don’t forget about your followers, or they might forget about you. Be sure to share new posts regularly to keep your audience interested and new followers coming. Sharing each new post on social media sites, as mentioned previously, is one of the best ways to let others know it’s time to check out your blog again. Even if you have followers that thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, time is often limited and your blog might be passed by if you don’t send reminders. Another great way to market your blog is to become a follower. Becoming interested in other’s blogs that you enjoy will send people back to your blog, as well. If you want readers to follow you, set the example!

3. Involve your readers

Marketing your blog involves engaging and involving your audience. There are several effective ways to do this: ask sincere questions to elicit responses and feedback, create a sweepstakesor giveaway for your readers, and even join with other bloggers to combine audiences, among others. By asking sincere questions, your readers understand that you want them to engage and they will do so. Responding to their responses will provide further proof that you are interested in what they have to say. Creating a sweepstakes or giveaway for your readers will really up the ante. If the prize is exciting, you can expect a large number of participants. Holding sweepstakes and giveaways from time to time will encourage your readers to check back often. Joining forces with another blogger to create a merged blog post every so often will invite readers to check out the other writer’s blog. This is sometimes an unanticipated approach that mixes up the norm and invites the audience to engage with another blogger.

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