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Make The Cyberspace Experience More Appealing To The Internet User!

One thing that Internet users are always looking to enjoy is the ability to view the various sites that flood their screens when they type in their site options. A quick and efficient browser will do little to enhance the browsing experience if all the techniques being used to browse are complicated and tedious. At its core, the cyber space needs to be a convenient world to travel through for everyone and there are certain aspects that can be looked into to ensure this experience.

  • Link the logo

One of the things that clients and users on the internet alike expect is that the logo links to the site’s home page. Not incorporating this feature makes the entire experience disappointing. The feature is becoming so popular, that there are sites that have used it to replace the “home” label on their sites. The logo is now used to directly access the home page.

  • Clickable labels

Another way that the convenience can be enhanced is by taking the time to mark up a form properly so that the user can click a label to activate the associated form element. Few users are aware of interface feature. The system can be designed in such a way that the user is informed that the label is clickable, a change that, if written well, will only take at most 2 lines of the css and allow the cursor to change from the default text insert and take on the friendly clickable form.

  • Active navigation

This is aimed at helping the internet user find their footing as they seek to explore various sites. By having this feature, they are able to know what category they are exploring and which site they are in. For the most part, this is a concept that is mostly automatic but is also created by manipulating the body element to style each navigation element directly. The ideal option would be creating the option server side in order to reduce on the amount of css and html needed.

This trick can be used in website design to increase the ease of Internet navigation. Ideally, it seeks to have a larger area on the link governed by the clickable feature. This is done by adding some padding around the links, a convenience that was adapted from an article that covered how to enhance the use of the mouse in navigation. It would greatly help reduce the risk of misclicking a link and help in mobile Internet navigation where some of the clicking is done using a finger therefore a larger click area is needed.

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