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Is Hostgator The Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

It’s all about management- whether you’re talking about managing your workforce, managing funds or managing a newly launched website. These are decisions that need high involvement on the part of the producers in order to ensure that no dilemma results as such. If you are among the producers who have yet to discover the perfect website hosting services and packages provided by various websites, there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind. It is advisable that you check out both the Hostgator and GVO hosting to give you an idea of the kind of WordPress hosting services go around. The reason for exploring these two is simple: they are the superpowers in the website hosting business at the moment!

Why GVO Hosting

Getting to the right conclusion is everyone’s aim and to do just that, you will have to explore all kinds of possibilities. In order to thoroughly understand GVO hosting, you should familiarize yourself with the key features it offers. These include:

  • Web Host Manager (WHM): This gives you the free will to add and subtract packages to your website, to manage the security settings by changing passwords for your cPanels as well as to get access to these without particular passwords. cPanel is the actual domain of your website through which you set up various accounts, install various scripts like WordPress and update files pertinent to your business.
  • Bandwidth: GVO hosting gives you unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • MySQL database: GVO also gives you unlimited MySQL database
  • Marketing: You have the chance of carrying out a good amount of e-marketing through videos when using GVO hosting. An added feature is the GVO live conference
  • Capturing the market: GVO gives you easier leads allowing you to instantly capture your target audience

Why Hostgator

With Hostgator you have a number of opportunities to accelerate the inflow of your income through its affiliate program. This affiliate program allows you to earn additional money through each new member you persuade to view and join your website. Just like GVO hosting, Hostgator has the following features attached to it:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • A site builder
  • Easy installation of websites, applications as well as other platforms
  • E-commerce: you can market anything and everything over the internet with a lot of ease
  • Shared SSL Certificate or private SSL or IP
  • Features enabling you to forward emails, create mailing lists, form auto responders, email aliases and catchall; thereby making sure that you are intact with your websites 24/7!
  • Reliability in terms of the time it takes- you can now upload all new details on your website within minutes and gain the benefits right from then onwards.

Therefore, when deciding on the wordpress hosting service you wish to undertake, you should make a careful analysis of the features you need and the features offered by each of the hosting websites. Map your requirements with the possibilities and then choose the best website provider eventually, whether it is the GVO Hosting or the Hostgator! Happy site-ing!

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