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Increase Social Media Engagement with Branded Images & Patient Interaction

You might think that a sign of social media success is having hundreds or even thousands of followers on your various channels.  You would not necessarily be right! One of the most critical factors in creating social media success, especially on Facebook, is the state of your engagement with your followers. It is the ability to develop and promote brand loyalty in your fans.

People love images—include pictures in your posts

Think about writing a simple post, and include a solid picture. It’s reported that posts with photos and pictures receive over 39% interaction rates.

Pro tip: Although simple posts of under 80 characters do fairly well, they’d perform better with links and videos, driving comments and shares.

Posting branded images on your Facebook and Pinterest pages allows people to find you, even if the original link to your website is not there.

Post Shareable Photos with Links to Your Blog or Website


Post Shareable Customer Testimonials


Post Special Occasions & Holiday Greeting Cards


Share Funny Images & Cartoons


More Tips for Social Media Posts

Keep it simple

Don’t ever make the mistake of writing lengthy Facebook posts (of over a thousand or 500 words) because Facebook users get bored with lengthy posts.

If you’re a brand or marketer, you’d notice that reading is not the habit of most people these days; people don’t like spending the bulk of their time reading. They prefer reading short, simple, and insightful posts (posts under 80 characters).

Hint: Do you want to increase conversions through your page? Then keep things simple. Try writing insightful and short 80 character posts and measure your results.

Ask questions—evoke curiosity

Question posts generate over 92% comment rates versus non-question posts. According to the report, posts with questions at the end have 15% higher interaction rate and comment rate than those with questions asked in the middle of a post.

Use emoticons

Do you think the use of emoticons on your Facebook page is unprofessional? Posts with emoticons receive over 52% interaction rate, 33% higher comment rate and a 33% higher share rate. Personally, I think the use of emoticons on your fan page could be professional but could be disastrous if you’re a clothing, fashion, or tech brand.

Pro tip: Emoticons are most successful for business, food, sport, beverage, and beauty brands.

Solve Problems With Photos

Posts with a simple image and a caption that shows fans the solution to a problem or a way to improve their daily lives receive marked engagement.

Make use of Calls to Action

Remember, the more Calls to Action (CTA) you use on your posts, the more activity you will see. If you want your fans to do something (share, post etc.), direct them with a CTA! Sometimes it’s best to just ask your fans to share a post.

Crowdsource Photo Captions

Photo caption posts combine the allure of photos with people’s love of interacting with brands they identify with.

Think about the emotion you want to trigger and choose an image that makes participating irresistible. Upload your image and write a short description that invites fans to provide a caption.

Tips for photo captions on Facebook:

  • Use inspiring, provocative or humorous images for captioning.
  • Find photos on Reddit’s Pics, Flickr Creative Commons, Shutterstock and iStockphoto. Remember to mind copyright if you share images that aren’t in the public domain.
  • To add a boost to your photo caption engagement, offer an incentive through a photo caption contest.

Respond regularly and quickly

“80% of users who received a response to their post made a purchase because of the brand’s interaction.”

Share Quotes

Quotes are great for engaging people’s “Me, too!” feelings. On Facebook this is especially powerful as the Like button makes it easy for fans to express that feeling. A quote can associate your brand with good feelings and create a deeper connection with your market on Facebook.

Tips for quotes on Facebook:

  • Tie your brand to quotes that support your campaign goals.
  • Use visuals and memes with your quotes to increase shareability—a few good sites to create memes are Quickmeme, Imgflip and Memecrunch.
  • Find quotes on and The Quotations Page, or use a #quote hashtag search on Facebook or Twitter.

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