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How Does Keyword Advertising Work?

How Does Keyword Advertising Work?

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that people will be able to find you online. In order to ensure that clients will find you we direct local internet traffic towards your site through pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization.

The PPC advertising is based on getting people searching online for the services you offer to come to your website. When someone looks for anything using a search engine, the first few listings as well as the listings in the sidebar are advertisements. We can design an ad campaign for your practice and get people to come to your website and then choose you for their needs.

For example, let’s say we’re advertising for vein doctor in New Jersey. Whenever someone in New Jersey searches for “vein doctor” using Google, our advertisements will appear. See below. Our advertisement is the one at the top of the search results.


PPC advertising is a very affective way of getting your practice listed quickly in search engines and with an extremely high relevancy.


Because these listings occupy the prime spots in the search engines people are more likely to click on them.

Once they do, they will land on your site. Once patients or customers are on your website they become more familiar with you and your practice and are more likely to call and make an appointment.

What makes this the ideal form of advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and comes to your site, meaning that you aren’t just paying to be seen, you’re paying only when the advertising actually works.

Of course, the entire practice of keyword advertising is more complex than just that. For best results, you need to utilize many strategies to optimize your ad campaigns to lower your costs per click and improve your ROI.

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