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Email Newsletter Marketing

Stay in Touch With Your Patient & Customer Base Using Newsletters 

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your patients and customers is the newsletter. But not one of those canned “off the shelf” newsletters you simply just place your logo on.

I’m talking about a your own, custom newsletter freshly written from the customer’s or patient’s point of view 4-6 times each year. I’m talking about real news, too. And articles that are more about your patients than about you and your specialty.

This kind of newsletter is a great way to build your brand while strengthening relationship with your patients. Smart medical, dental practitioners and other healthcare practitioners have learned to speak the language of their patients – making sure they speak TO them, not at them.

Women are generally the healthcare decision-makers and drivers in their households. Women are the ones who make sure their loved ones get the care they need. And women are the ones who are more likely to read articles about the social aspects of your practice than the clinical aspects (too bad most canned newsletters focus mainly on the clinical).

Of course, every issue should have one article with something interesting about your specialty. But the rest… lighten up and have some fun with it!  Share recipes, wellness tips, humor,  interesting events in your area, as well as facts about social aspects of your practice.

Newsletters that are emailed to your patient base are a very cost effective way to stay in touch with your patient base and do internal marketing for your practice. You can also send the newsletter to other prospect patients in the community to engage them and build awareness toward your practice.

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