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Compatibility Of WordPress With Cpanel Hosting Site

cPanel is the short for control panel, which is primarily a UNIX based web hosting control panel with graphical interface and automation tools available to make it easier for an average user to be able to host a web site. All you have to do is change settings on a certain HTML form!

cPanel’s compatibility with WordPress is one its most remarkable feature. Because of their symbiotic relationship with one another, managing WordPress has become a quite simple task for novice and trained administrators. It is because of this very relationship that nowadays most hosting providers that offer WordPress websites tend to include cPanel support, and ones which refrain from doing so should be suspected of fraud.

Another thing to point out would be that cPanel runs on only three operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and FreeBSD. These are the three most widely used operating systems on web servers and are all tested and highly secure. It is because of cPanel that most WordPress hosts offer one-click installation as installing WordPress without it is quite the tedious endeavour. Another advantage of the whole one-click installation is that it allows easy experimentation with new software and allows the upgrading of the WordPress version with a simple click.

cPanel also provides methods to backup your data, considering that network and server errors may occur at any given moment, it is always a good idea to keep a backup of your data. Depending on how your WordPress hosting plan is setup you may make an on-site or off-site backup from within cPanel. At least one off-site backup of your data should be maintained in case an issue arises with the hosting company. Hosting servers that don’t offer cPanel for WordPress rarely offer backup solution, which leaves your data at serious risk. Another downside to this is that it may halt your efforts to migrate your WordPress to another hosting provider if you aren’t happy with the one you currently have, hence making you practically stick with the one you’re currently using.

Sooner or later you may want to add more features to your WordPress blog e.g. maybe you want to add a second blog, set up email filtering or add a shopping cart despite the initial thought that only the basic version of the WordPress blog will suffice. This is a thought that rarely suffices in the long run. These changes are made possible and simple because of the compatibility of WordPress with cPanel as it covers the scenarios mentioned. Without cPanel you would just be stuck with a normal WordPress blog. You may wonder that it might be possible to run a website without using all the tools cPanel has to offer but why risk it when so many affordable WordPress website hosting companies offer cPanel support?

In conclusion we would like to say that the relationship between WordPress and cPanel is remarkable, it allows you to completely transform your WordPress blog, to keep up with ever changing norms and requirements on the fly, with the easy use of cPanel. WordPress hosting is a tricky thing that needs advice. To find out more, visit Scott.

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