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C-Class Hosting and Search Engine Optimization

C-Class or SEO hosting has opened a whole new realm of opportunities within the Online Marketing industry. Google updates like Panda and Penguin destroyed blog networks that were traditionally used to create back-links and help companies rank online. This has forced many companies to look for new ways to create high quality back-links. The solution has come in the form of private blog networks.

Private blog networks are a group of high quality websites that are built in order to create backlinks for clients. These networks are usually hosted on C-Class servers. The benefit of C-Class servers are that they allow websites to be hosted on different IP addresses without the high cost of a dedicated server. This allows SEO companies or individuals doing SEO to make a network of multiple websites at just a fraction of the price of hosting through a dedicated server.

In the case of private blog networks C-Class servers reduce the footprint of the network and allow link juice to be spread without the risk of websites being de-indexed. Being able to do this at a cost of around 2 to 3 dollars per domain is a huge savings and has pushed many individuals and SEO companies in the direction of Private Blog Networks.

The ability to build multiple sites on different IP addresses at a low cost has been extremely attractive in the SEO industry. Companies use C-Class servers for blog networks, test sites, and even client’s sites. Because of their prevalence in the SEO industry C-Class servers have gained the nickname SEO hosting. Though some say SEO hosting doesn’t give as much privacy as a dedicated server the low cost will continue to make it a significant value add for companies moving forward. This along with the increasing amount of companies and individuals building their own private blog networks could signal a bright future for C-Class hosting.

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