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BufferApp for the Entrepreneur and Visioneer in You

I came across Buffer recently and it immediately caught my attention.

As an internet marketer, social media marketer, and activist at heart, I could not help but see the colossal potential for spreading my message using this simple, efficient app.

What is Buffer?

If you are not familiar with Buffer, it helps you share to Twitter, Facebook and more.

What Buffer boasts to do better than anyone else (and judging by customer feedback, for a good reason), is  provide you a simple, easy-to use tool to instantly boost your visibility and productivity by being able to communicate your message across the multiple platforms from a single place.

The benefits of this are self evident and require no explanation to any business owner or entrepreneur.

However, what I see goes far beyond the increased efficiency of promoting your latest and greatest product, service, event and whatnot.

Beyond Efficiency

Given our limited time and resources, chasing the latest and greatest productivity tips and tools, should come with one caveat.

And it is that:

Some things are better left un-said.

Some things are better left un-done.

Some products are better left un-promoted.

As the author of “4-Hour Work Week” eloquently put it:

Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.

There is so much clutter and indiscriminate noise on the Internet and in social media today (and I’m as guilty of contributing to that as the next internet marketer and social media junkie), that what’s often forgotten is the need to step back to reflect on the bigger picture.

To allow not just the entrepreneur, marketer, socialite, or engineer in you to shine; but to provide the platform and give voice to the visioneer in you.

Giving the Visioneer in You a Voice

What’s a visioneer? A visioneer is more than visionary, a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Simply imagining the future isn’t enough, just like making the “right” choice for yourself isn’t enough.

By taking action to be the change we want to see in the world and influencing others, we can make the impact of our lives exponentially greater.

In his little book “How to Re-Imagine the World. A pocket guide for practical visionaries”, Anthony Weston points out:

“Please (..) do not think of saying that we can’t really change anything, that “changing the world” is only some kind of youthful fantasy. In fact the world is changing radically, right now, right under our feet. Oil is peaking. Genetically modified foods are all over the stores. More people are now overweight, worldwide, than are starving. (…) Why abandon the Web to pornography and on-line shopping? We could create a truly “new world order”, starting right now, out of virtual person-to-person dialogue around the globe.  (…) Our most urgent need is to reawaken the radical imagination.”

Spreading Ideas and Social Change

Today we have unprecedented potential for spreading ideas and social change.

You don’t need to stand on the rooftop or mountaintop anymore and shout your message with the hope that someone might hear you.

For a long time there was television, radio, and print, but few people had access to those as the cost was often prohibitive. Then came the Internet, blogging, banner ads and email.

But the attention-grabbing power of these platforms is weakening, as people spend less time watching television, reading print, or even paying much attention to emails. Today we’re all on social media.

We have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and who knows how many other platforms.

We also have Buffer to help us become effective entrepreneurs, artists, marketers, engineers, and visioneers.

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