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4 Web Design Elements Taking Flight 2013

Single Page Web design is a style still in trial stages with the public. The idea is to get all usable information onto a single, long piece of digital paper.

Designers want to do this because research has shown that people are willing to scroll for information: more so than they are willing to click through multiple pages. Designers started wondering how they could easily create a website that could allow them to access all information from the home page.

The answer was the single page layout you see in websites like As you scroll down, a navigation bar becomes available to help you jump to a particular section of the website.

When you click “who we are” you are automatically scrolled down to the section talking about them. This design is particularly effective for companies that have a quick message to share.

Their message usually contains one or two products they’re trying to sell. You don’t need the complexity of a retail webpage when selling a single product.

Some platforms have become extremely creative with their single page layout design. Check out for another excellent example.

The single page platform seems to be the answer to this need and it’s catching fire amongst designers. The key is to see if your customers will see it for its worth.

Second is responsive web design in Salt Lake City. These websites are designed to auto-adjust to any platform you may be visiting from.

The internet moves with the people these days. It’s in their pockets, on their watches, and soon to be in their glasses (Google glass).

The novelty of simply having the internet everywhere you go is starting to wear off. People don’t want to zoom into websites designed for a 20″ inch screen anymore.

Consumers want a mobile version. Your customers want a solution that will allow their business to cater to screens of any size while maintaining usability.

Responsive web design in Salt Lake City seems to be the emerging solution that everyone is becoming a part of. Your website repositions images, navigation items, and all other content to fit comfortably on whatever device you may be using to access the internet.

If you haven’t learned how to do responsive layouts, start learning today. It hasn’t caught on with all companies yet and the more you get on the bandwagon yourself, the more you’ll stand out in the coming wave of customers.

Finally, for those still attached to nav bars and side scrolling that branch of the world is still developing as well. They are called sliding webpage panels, as seen in

This website is built with large pictures and simple buttons to navigate you to a particular page in the site. It is an interactive table of contents if you will.

By clicking an option on the navigation bar, your picture slides away as a new one replaces it with new options. The design is simple, easy to use, and intuitive.

The question is which style works better for your client? A single page scroll, or sliding panels?

Web design in Salt Lake City ultimately comes down to a question of what the client wants. These three trends are popular or becoming popular for clients.

Master each style so you have more to offer your clients when they come knocking. It never hurts to see how each style can improve your own Salt Lake City web design as well.

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