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4 Important Aspects of the Domain Name Selection

Many of the people do not like to take care of domain names especially if they are owners as well as developers of their websites. One should know that it is important in all cases to have an attractive, catchy, and unique domain name, as it always brings good traffic to your website. Many search engines, experts, programmers, and IT professionals focus on this aspect more than on anything else.

In the early days, domains used to be expensive and it was almost impossible to afford them for a normal user. With the passage of time, their cost decreased and many people felt comfortable using them. Now, the time has come where each site has its own unique name representing its business or product. Let us talk about this in detail.

Choose Memorable Names

Catchy domains are undoubtedly mandatory because if your website name is just normal like others, people may not get convinced. Therefore, you should generate superb call-to-action names for your personal websites. This will not only draw in users but will also force search engine crawlers to crawl your website as best as they can.

  • Keep the name very short and simple.
  • Make the best use of your primary and most important keywords within your domain.
  • Do not be too general while choosing names.
  • Add something interesting or catchy in your website name.
  • Do not prefer ending your website name with unknown extensions like .info.


Branding becomes very necessary when it comes to naming your website. For example, if you provide SEO services to people, you should at least use the word SEO in site’s name instead of something irrelevant. This will help others understand about your business goals. Therefore, choosing the best keywords and promoting your products via your domains are the best ways to increase your search engine ranking and visitors on daily basis.

Website Submissions

If you own your website and you want quick results, then you must submit your developed website into other websites, which allow submissions. Directories or web directories i.e. DMOZ or some .edu submissions will help your domain boost up in search results quickly. You can alternatively submit it into search engines too, which will rank it higher as per submission ratio as well as age.

Website Age

Have you ever heard about the age of your website? This is what experts call domain age. They explain that if your website is on the web live and regardless of whether you are performing any actions on it or not, you website age will increase with the passage of time. In simple words, your website age increases as time passes and as a result, the page rank increases.

In a nutshell, if your website is not good in terms of name or it is even nameless, then you will not attain much popularity in the IT market as well as in the web market. In such cases, many website owners have to remove their sites in the long run, which is truly a great inconvenience for them. Hence, to avoid all this, make your decisions about domain names wisely.

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