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2013 Online Marketing Trends

Big brands, Google updates and mobile: These events and advancements shaped online marketing in 2012. And there are many in store in 2013?

Attribution Modeling Last year, marketers took a more holistic approach to attribution tracking. This is the process of assigning a marketing action a specific value that results in a conversion. Thus one saw rise of analytics packages and solutions and breaking down channel silos. In 2013, one expects continuing evolution in attribute modeling and creative and innovative approaches to track as to how channels affect each other.

Gamification on Rise Applying Game based thinking to non game applications to make them fascinating, fun and engaging has been on a rise. One would expect it to reach a tipping point in 2013. This year would witness new startups, big brands and companies spending more resources on “gamifying” their products and services. The rise of easy to use platforms and the inherent value of engaged user have made this an essential marketing strategy.

Focusing Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing is where the brands spend resources to create content, discussions and valuable resources that will help in drawing the customers to their products or websites without paid marketing. Beautiful web design, inbound analytics and amazing content would call find more allocations in the budgets this year.

Design is All Web design has helped in piggybacking the growing importance of inbound Marketing and the trends in improved data visualizations. The design community has grown in leaps and bounds and beautiful design are in demand and affordable. To make yourself visible in 2013, one needs to contract a team to get website design up to speed or strengthen their in house resources.

More and more of Loyalty Marketing Making customers feel appreciated and satisfied would require the marketers to brainstorm more creative ways. What was earlier one of the last thought about would now find its way into early stages of marketing roadmaps.

Increasing Analytics: The traditional web analytics focused on measuring as to how the website was performing. On the other hand, marketing analytics is the measurement and optimization of marketing activities. Business would focus on marketing analytics to guide their product roadmaps, market moves and hiring plan. Rather than investing in channels that one has always invested in, these tools should be more available to make sound decisions this year.

Improved Data Visualization 2013 would bring a renewed focus on data visualizations which is how we visualize complex data sets in easily understandable formats that are worth sharing.

Second Screen Value The term second screen refers to mobile. 75% of the world has access to mobile devices and thus today’s marketers can’t avoid the value of offering second screen value for their clients and brands. In 2012 there was more focus on making websites mobile friendly but this year would focus on offering value in mobile application format which would extend beyond ease of use and searching ability. It would concentrate on offering new information, entirely new resources and new formats for consumption.

Leveraging Cloud Technology The emerging uses of cloud based systems are bound to benefit internet marketing strategists. With a number of innovative ways in which cloud technology can be optimized for email marketing, SEO, heat map analysis and landing page testing online promotions are about to adopt an entirely new dimension.

Furthermore, this year, marketers will be expected to take into consideration the quintessential PC but ALL screens such as the mobile and the television which all tend to influence the way members of the target market communicate with each other on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

These few areas are bound to capture our attention and will be the driving forces behind business choices and decisions.


When she started copywriting little did Sophia Jennings know that she would soon move from her full time advertising job to a more informative freelance writing career. Sophia is now a professional content writer for SEO services companies in Canada writing mainly on internet marketing, travel and food.

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