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Today, Internet marketing for small businesses, medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nutritionists and other professionals is no longer a question of whether you should have a presence, but how strong a presence you enjoy.

If you are not online and your website doesn’t rank close to the top of the search results, and are not engaging your audience in social media; prospective customers are missing you…and you are missing a significant marketing opportunity.

By discovering what your customers are searching for online, we have created a quality turn-key website solution that will improve your online presence, and connect with patients using the latest web technology.

* A highly functional website: design that integrates with your business, providing the maximum return on investment, and can pay for itself in a matter of weeks…for far less than you think or are used to paying that other service provider.

* Search engine optimization (SEO): Get a website that not only uses the best practices to motivate people to call you, but also is optimized for the search engines to find you. Our search engine optimization services and strategies help get you to the top of Page One of search results—not just when someone searches for the name of your organization, but for any of the related services you offer.

* Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Advertise directly on page one of Google and attract targeted visitors directly to your website in one click. You set your budget and only pay when someone clicks.

* Social media marketing: Implement a social media marketing strategy that is directly aligned to your business objectives. Branded images and engaging postings encourage interaction and sharing. Check out our new Social Engagement Boosting Package with Magnetic Graphics.

* Email marketing: Create email marketing campaigns you can measure.

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Web (Re)Design

Get a beautiful and highly functional website that integrates with your business, providing the maximum return on investment, and can pay for itself in a matter of weeks…for far less than you think.

Get Found Online

Can people find you online? Get a website that is optimized for the search engines so prospects can actually fnd you—not just when someone searches for your name, but for any of the services you offer.

Social Media

Implement a social media strategy that is directly aligned to your business objectives. Branded images, videos and engaging postings encourage interaction and sharing.

What Our Clients Say….

original“My new website ROCKS! Joanna has created an amazing, RESPONSIVE website that displays great in all kinds of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – you name it. Also, I now have an online store and can finally sell products online to my customers. Setting up the store was quite easy. My old site didn’t provide me with any of these options. It was outdated and in need of redesign. It was a pain to make changes, add new content, photos. etc. Now making changes is a breeze, and the site looks great! Thanks!“ Grace Morin, Kind Hair Shop Owner

original “We needed a website that would help us attract more patients online. New patients started finding us on the internet within weeks of creating our new web page. ” Kazimierz Szczech, MD

original “My company website was outdated and was in need for redesign. It was built entirely using Flash, which made making changes and updating the site very difficult and expensive. Joanna opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist online as far as promoting my business and to the potential that we currently are not utilizing. Right now we are in the process of implementing her recommendations.” Leszek James

President, EzUniverse

7 Signs Your Website Needs A Responsive Web Redesign

Many business websites haven’t been updated in years, and it shows. This means their online presence seems outdated and is often incompatible with the latest devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

What many website owners don’t realize, websites are more frequently being viewed on mobile devices and tablets. Social media and community interaction are shaping the way websites should function and look.

This means that redesign isn’t all about changing to look or feel of a website but more the functionality of the site. Problems with presentation, speed, and the ability to update are prompting website redesign on a daily basis.

These are some factors that most often lead to businesses redesigning their websites:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design means creating a website that will adjust the size of the the content, images and structure on any platform. When a user visits a webpage on their desktop they will get the full view of the site for easy reading, minimum panning and resizing. On a tablet or smartphone the same web page will adjust to fit the smaller screen.

Responsive design allows you to have one website instead of having multiple sites for various devices or worrying about whether your website runs properly on any of the many mobile devices. It is flexible because it is based on the size of the screen and not specific devices.

Case studies have found that having a responsive design will give you significantly better conversion rates. If your customers cannot experience your website properly on the device they are using it will cost you lost revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Showing up high in search engine results is vital to your websites success.

Without visitors, your website will be no more useful than the brochures that you keep locked in your drawer.

Take a few keywords and keyword phrases that come to mind when you think of your business and go to Google. Put these keywords in the search box. What are the results you get? Is your website in the list of results? Is your business nowhere to be found or worse yet, do you find all your competitors in the list instead?

That’s really bad news. If visitors can’t find your website in a search engine, then your website either needs a major overhaul or is not really worth having at all.

If your website is not showing up high in search engine results it is time to contact a web developer with SEO experience to have your coding elements analyzed and your website redesigned.

Your Website Takes too Long to Load

Visitors are impatient. They are not going to wait there for your site to load – instead they’ll hit the back button and go to your competitor. Research shows that nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.  If your page takes too long to load, it’s time for an update.

High Visitor Bounce Rates

On the Internet, a high bounce rate is a sure sign that your website and marketing strategy need to be overhauled. Web analytic tools can be used to better understand and analyze the success of your marketing campaigns to measure everything from time spent on site to cost per engagement. The bounce rate is one metric you cannot afford to ignore, as it measures how effectively your website is performing with visitors.

By definition, bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors who leave after visiting one page. Why would these users “bounce”? It’s probably an indication that your site isn’t providing the information the user is seeking, the site could be taking too long to load or is confusing to navigate, or perhaps there’s a larger disconnect between your site and your users.

A redesign incorporating these design tips can make all the difference:

  • Clear navigation — if a user can’t find what they’re looking for, they will leave.
  • Clear purpose and call to action on the landing page — visitor confusion is one of the biggest causes of a high bounce rate.
  • Third-party content and widgets — they increase load time and weigh down the site.
  • Easy to read content — a lot of browsing occurs on mobile devices and smaller screens so font size and contrast must be a big consideration.
  • Invest your money in a responsive design, which will adapt to any screen size and optimize the user experience for everyone.

Parts of your Site are not Outdated or Functioning Properly

Does your website use Flash elements that don’t display properly on mobile devices?  Does a loud music start to play upon loading of the home page?  Does your website have broken links or errors like “404 not found” elements?

It may be easy to fix this this issue but it could also be a sign of a much bigger problem. If your website is full of broken links, errors, and missing images then it is time to consider replacing your current website with a content management solution so that your not losing pictures or creating broken links due to improper management of your site.

Potential clients will get a negative impression from a website that contains elements that are not showing on their devices or contains many broken parts. The impression is that if you do not fix your site then you probably won’t correct any issues that they might come across with your product or business. So they are likely to move on to the next search result who is probably your competition.

Adding Content and Making Updates Is a Headache

Outdated information on your website hurts your image. If you find yourself lacking time or just don’t know how, this is probably a sign you need a website re-design.

A modern content management system (CMS) with an easy-to-use administrator’s interface makes changing the website as easy as writing an email. CMS empowers non-programmers to easily add new content, edit existing content, and update information on their website from a web browser or even a mobile phone.

Copyright Year Isn’t Current

If the copyright date in your footer has a different year than the current year, it is a big sign that your site and its content are stale. You are signaling to your clients that you have not updated or added anything new and they will leave. People are searching for reliable and up-to-date information and if you are not keeping that information current you will be passed over for your competition.

Your website should evolve and change as your business grows and as technology progresses, not keep your business from growing. An outdated and negative website has big impact on your business.

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